What we do

In over 190 countries around the world we are doing whatever it takes to reach the world's most vulnerable children. We’re saving lives, protecting childhoods and getting children to school. We’re constantly monitoring the situation of children worldwide and act rapidly when an emergency strikes. 

But we don’t just want children to have better lives today; we’re working with governments and partners to change laws and policies to help future generations of children too. 

From immunising children against preventable diseases, to rebuilding schools after disasters, we do whatever it takes to reach every child who needs us.

But to do this we need the help of supporters like you.

Give a monthly gift today and you can save lives, protect childhoods and give children the chance to go to school every month.

Our vision is to build a world where every child can grow up healthy, protected from harm and educated, so they can reach their full potential.

With simple solutions like immunization, malaria nets, food supplements and setting up clean water supplies, we’re working day in, day out to make sure no child has to die needlessly.

We’re working to end child exploitation and abuse by helping change laws to better protect children, supporting drop in centres to help get children off the streets and making sure orphaned children are cared for.

We’re working to make sure every child goes to school. We’re helping build schools, train teachers and advocating girl’s education.

We are providing treatment, counselling and support for mothers, babies and vulnerable children affected by HIV and AIDS.

Within 48 hours we are on the ground with our partners providing food, shelter and protection. We work to reunite children with their families, care for those orphaned and counsel the traumatised.