Libya crisis, 2011

On 17th February 2011 violent conflict broke out between government forces and rebels in Libya. Nearly a million people were forced to flee Libya into neighbouring Tunisia, Egypt, Chad, Algeria and Sudan.

Children as young as 9 months old have been killed and many have been wounded by bullets and shrapnel from tanks and mortar. Libya’s 2 million children continue to be traumatised as the violence surrounds them.

With the help of supporters like you, UNICEF was already present in Libya reaching the most vulnerable children. We were providing food and health care, and getting children back to school in Libya and in refugee camps in neighbouring countries. We were reaching children in difficult areas like Misrata with lifesaving supplies. And we were making sure children can have a safe space to play and recover from the trauma.

We still need your help to be there for children in Libya and around the world wherever they need us. Donate now to help us reach vulnerable children.