Crisis in the Horn of Africa

In summer of 2011 over 2 million children in the Horn of Africa were malnourished. 500,000 of these children were so severely malnourished, they were close to death.

Children and families across Kenya, Somalia, Djibouti and Ethiopia were facing a desperate crisis caused by drought, soaring food prices and conflict. Famine was declared in parts of southern Somalia and the United Nations has warned worse is yet to come.

We were rushing therapeutic food, health and water supplies to the most vulnerable children. We are now the main provider of therapeutic food across the region.

Years on, the humanitarian situation in the region had significantly improved. Famine in Somalia officially ended in February 2012; and countless lives were saved across the region, thanks to the extraordinary international support.

However, the progress is fragile. There are still millions of people in need of humanitarian assistance, and thousands of children in need of treatment against malnutrition in Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya. In some southern regions in Somalia, one in five children is suffering from life-threatening acute malnutrition. This was, and continues to be, a children's emergency.

The future of millions of children hangs in the balance. We need to step up now to preserve the gains we have worked so hard to achieve, and invest in children today to prevent another catastrophe from happening again in the Horn of Africa. Please donate now.